What is Battery Buffered EV Charger

Battery-buffered EV charger uses a battery energy storage system to reduce the impact of an EV charger on electricity demand.

In the case of limited infrastructure conditions of the national grid, you can use high-power DC fast chargers without upgrading the infrastructure.

And there is no need for complicated and lengthy installation process and approval process.

How Does Battery Buffer EV Charger Work?

Any type of EV charger can be integrated with a customized energy storage battery system. Including connectors (such as CHAdeMO/CCS/GB/T/Tesla) and charging power (such as 60kW/120kW/160kW/200kW).

Battery systems store electricity as DC power instead of your site’s normal AC power.

The charger is connected directly to the battery, so the vehicle can be quickly charged using the electricity stored in the battery. The battery is then recharged at a slower rate with electricity from the national grid or on-site generation.

The system can be integrated with any form of on-site power generation, such as solar photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation.

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