is dc fast charging bad for ev battery

First of all, let’s understand the difference between AC chargers and DC chargers.
The AC charger converts the AC power to DC through the on-board charger and then charges the battery. Because charging takes 8-10 hours, usually we call it slow charging.

The DC charger has a built-in charging module, which can convert AC power into DC power, so the output of the DC charger is DC power, which directly charges the battery. During the charging process, there is information interaction between the vehicle end and the device end. It takes only half an hour to fully charge, so it is called fast charging.

So whether DC charging will harm new energy vehicle batteries, the answer must be yes. The output voltage of the DC charger is high, the current is large, and the power is also large. When the battery receives high voltage and high current, it needs to be under pressure. (Many people will say that our battery has been charged with a fast charger and there is no problem. , I want to emphasize here that we are talking about long-term damage, not an instant crit.) Every pressure is a challenge to the battery. The greater the power, the higher the challenge.

Secondly, it is because various car companies have different requirements for the voltage capacity and battery performance of the power battery in the process of producing and designing new energy vehicles. Compared with some car companies with more mature technologies, they use power batteries with better performance, so they are stronger in terms of service life and voltage carrying capacity, and are naturally suitable for higher power DC chargers. up. And those new energy vehicles with weak pressure bearing capacity can only be applied to DC chargers with relatively low power in order to protect the battery life.

The most important thing about new energy vehicles is definitely the battery, so when you buy a new energy vehicle, you must first understand the battery, which manufacturers have good power batteries and have a good reputation. Then go to the comprehensive selection car!

Limited by the current power battery technology, generally if you want to ensure the service life of the power battery, the best way is to use slow charging, that is, AC charger for charging. Of course, for many of our sports car masters, I also suggest that it is best to use slow charging two to three times a month!

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