DC fast EV Charging Station

The DC EV Charger is an ultra-fast and inexpensive solution for large utility DC charging stations.

JIACHUANG DC Fast charging station offers Electric Vehicle owners an opportunity to charge their car safely and quickly. A typical electric car with 24kWh battery pack may be charged as quickly as less than 10 minutes to get up to 80% of its capacity.

JIACHUANG combines industry standardization with advanced charging technology to support next-generation electric vehicles. Its multi- protocol design allows for easy tailoring to support Chademo and CCS1 & CCS2 and Tesla and GB/T for DC fast charging applications. Payment & billing platform solutions enable easy and secure payments via station payment terminals and RFID card.


Places with adequate electrical infrastructure. The DC EV Charger is the cheapest option.

Double plug design.

Any combination of CCS1 / CCS2 / GB/T and CHAdeMO connectors. For all EV charging needs.

Network communication

Support LAN, WIFI, 4G networking. Supports OCPP1.6j and can easily connect to any OCPP platform.


Owners capture charger revenue and increased retail sales, while retaining complete control of the customer experience through custom branding and advertising.

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Renewable Energy

Solar or wind power fast EV charging station

The Battery Buffered EV Charger is an ultra-fast and flexible DC charging solution. The battery-integrated design allows the Battery Buffered EV Charger to connect seamlessly to existing solar or wind power systems without onerous construction costs and complex permitting restrictions.Can be quickly connected to solar or wind power systems. It can effectively reduce the cost of electricity consumption and improve the efficiency of energy utilization. Contribute to energy conservation and emission reduction for a long time.


Battery Buffered EV Charger requires lower-voltage input than conventional fast chargers. Multiply your power output while leveraging existing infrastructure.


Deploy ultrafast EV charging with Battery Buffered EV Charger, enabling charging services for your fleet and your customers.


Battery Buffered EV Charger enables you to turn Level 2 chargers into fast chargers using the same low-voltage infrastructure.


Battery Buffered EV Charger's integrated energy storage, and software platform, enables load shifting, demand charge management, resiliency, and more.

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Emergency Rescue

Mobile Emergency Rescue Fast EV Charging Station

JIACHUANG emergency mobile EV charging system is the perfect solution for roadside or remote electric vehicle rescue when the battery runs out. Installing Emergency mobile EV charging system on the vehicle breaks space limitations and allows rapid deployment without infrastructure. It is ideal for fleet operators, car dealers, and other businesses and is compatible with all electric vehicles, and provides DC fast charging.


Charging services can be provided without permits or time-consuming major construction.


It can be quickly deployed to locations where timely EV charging is required, including roadside or remote areas.


It can avoid the high rates associated with supplemental power during peak hours, thus effectively reducing operating costs.


It can be supplemented by public EV charging stations with CCS2 or CCS1, CHAdeMO, GB/T Type 2, or Type 1 charging cables.

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Ultrafast and convenient EV charging for your employees.

Battery Buffered EV Charger is an ultrafast charging solution that integrates with existing electrical infrastructure to deliver energy to EVs wherever it’s needed. Setup is simple and can be done without electrical infrastructure upgrades and extensive permitting, allowing for immediate deployment to meet growing EV charging demand. The Mobile EV charger product line brings power to EVs without the hassle of employees moving EVs to stationary charging stations. JIACHUANG creates a better charging experience for businesses and employees.


Start charging in days rather than weeks. Battery Buffered EV Charger and Mobile EV Charger allow for quick deployment without additional electrical infrastructure or permitting.


Battery Buffered EV Charger can be easily relocated, while Mobile can charge EVs from any spot at any time, thanks to its mobile charging platform.


Create a positive employee charging experience by delivering ultrafast charging and mobile optionality, bringing energy to EVs, not the EVs to energy.


Save time, reduce infrastructure costs by 20% and operating expenses by 70% with off-peak and demand-charge-elimination technology.

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