how to start a mobile ev charging business

how to start a mobile ev charging business?

Start by modifying a van.

Step 1: Vehicle selection. The editor recommends a commercial van with a load weight of more than 2000kg. (Fuel vehicles or pure electric vehicles are both acceptable)Recommended reason:1 Small and convenient, no complicated approval process is required.2 The interior space is enough to install a mobile fast charger with a battery capacity of 60-120kwh.Step 2: Mobile EV charger supplier selection.It is recommended to find a supplier that supports deep customization of products. Because the supplier’s regular product size may not match the vehicle you purchased or the space utilization rate is low.If the supplier supports customized product size and battery capacity, you can provide the supplier with the internal size of your vehicle, and the supplier will design the product with the best battery capacity and output power based on this size.Step Three: Installation and DebuggingOnce you receive your mobile EV charger, don’t rush to install it directly into your vehicle. Because this type of product integrates a large number of batteries, it is very heavy. And the space inside the car is limited. Installation and removal may not be easy.So we have to test whether the product function and quality are normal at the first time. There are professional testing equipment that can be used for testing. If there is no direct charge and discharge test with an EV, it is also possible.After the test is complete, load the mobile EV charger into your vehicle. You can start the mobile EV charging business.

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