DC fast ev charging station factory.

Our company has many years of R&D and manufacturing experience in the field of DC fast EV charging. Provide optimal solutions and products according to needs.

Battery Buffered EV charging station.

EV fast charging solutions that do not require upgrades to the electrical infrastructure.

Integrated energy storage system (60-160kwh battery).The charger is connected directly to the battery, so the vehicle can be quickly charged using the electricity stored in the battery.

The input only needs 380v/20kw national grid, and can output 200kw charging power.

The system can be integrated with any form of on-site power generation, such as solar photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation.

Support connectors: CCS Combo 1, CCS Combo 2, CHAdeMO, GB/T.

Support OCPP1.6J.can easily connect to any OCPP platform.

Battery Buffered EV Charger exploded view


Reduce installation costs by 20% and operating costs by 70% by avoiding electrical infrastructure upgrades and enabling energy management services.


Install ultrafast charging 6X faster than conventional solutions with no additional infrastructure and minimal permitting. JIACHUANG chargers can be quickly redeployed to new locations.


Provide ultrafast charging to multiple EVs simultaneously at speeds of up to 100 miles in 10 minutes. Compatible with all EV models.


Deliver a superior customer experience through innovative infrastructure optimized to meet current and future charging demand while unlocking additional energy services and resiliency.

Mobile DC EV Charger

Mobile EV charging station

Mobile rescue EV fast charging solution.

Integrated 50-200kwh lithium iron phosphate battery. It can be quickly deployed to locations where timely charging is needed, including roadsides or remote areas.

Support CCS CHAdeMO GB/T dual connector combination DC fast charging.The output power is up to 50-200kw.

The input supports National Grid AC (7-40kw) and DC fast charging sockets (50-120kw). The battery charges to 80% within 1 hour.

It can avoid the high rates associated with supplemental power during peak hours, thus effectively reducing operating costs.

50kw DC Fast Charging Station

DC Fast EV charging station

Public commercial fast charging station solutions.

Suitable for a variety of application scenarios: HIGHWAYS, PARKING LOT, SERVICE STATION, WORKPLACE, FLEET.

Jiachuang DC fast charging station provides electric vehicle owners with the opportunity to charge safely and quickly. A typical EV with a 24kWh battery pack can be quickly charged to 80% of its capacity in less than 10 minutes.

Support ocpp billing platform docking and RFID card to achieve easy and secure payment.

Made in China. High quality and low price. Support OEM/ODM service.

Upgrade Your EV Chargers

JiaChuang’s technology allows for seamless replacement of legacy slow and Level 2 EV chargers with ultrafast chargers in a matter of hours.

Increase power output by 10-20X, at a fraction of the time and cost of deploying other ultrafast chargers.

You can replace a slow charger with JIACHUANG’s ultra-fast Battery Buffered EV Charger in less than three hours without significant cost or infrastructure upgrades.


DC EV charging station

DC fast EV Charging Station.


Solar EV charging station

Solar or wind power fast EV charging station.


Mobile EV charging fleet

Mobile Emergency Rescue Fast EV Charging Station.


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Ultrafast and convenient EV charging for your employees.